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June 2, 2019
BeBe Theater
Asheville, NC

Contexture- “the act, process, or manner of weaving parts into a whole” Miriam Webster

Also an invented assemblage of Con- Latin prefix for “with or thoroughly”  plus  texture- “the feel, or consistency of a surface or a substance”

Dana is delighted to be offering this 3 hour class in the same studio in Asheville, North Carolina where she danced as a child.

Until relatively recently, human movement has evolved within the context of survival and a necessary, deep relationship to the environment. For most of us alive in First World modernity, this original context of movement has disappeared and with it has gone the diversity of environmental textures with which we once regularly engaged. For example, as a culture we seldom consciously relate to the ground, and simultaneously the ground we do most often move upon is flat, paved and even. In this class we will be exploring ways to “contexture” the body. We will be experimenting with ways the body can be unified through relationship to environment, we will explore connection to the ground/earth and we will play with ways to reseed the body with a multiplicity of textures. The movement explorations will be fundamental in nature, meaning that they can be applied to many different contexts- Everyday Life as well as various physical practices and disciplines, including but not limited to Butoh Dance. The primary resources

Dana will be drawing from are Body Weather, Qigong and Movement Ecology.
Hosted by The Asheville Butoh Collective

To register please contact Julie Becton Gillum:



June 14 & 15, 2019
Friday the 14th: 7pm-9pm
Saturday the 15th: 12pm-6pm
Portland, Oregon
Presented by Mizu Desierto/Water in the Desert

This workshop asks how we can explore the body landscape through multiple approaches- through form, through felt inner sensation and through work with images.

Playing both indoors and out, we will research a diversity of movements and examine how doing so can contribute to creative dance making as well as health and mobility in the quotidian realm.

Dana will be drawing from Body Weather, Qigong and Natural Movement sources.

For more information about the event go here or if you have questions or would like to register please write to Mizu Desierto:

Looking up into the Canopy of a Beech Tr


June 22, 2019
With Macarena Ortuzar
In the ancient Whytham Woods
Oxford, UK

In this one day intensive workshop Dana and Macarena will be leading participants through a diverse collection of physical experiences, aimed at attuning the body to itself as well as to the environment of the Whytham Woods. We will begin with a warm up that addresses the more concrete elements of the body- muscles, bones, connective tissue, and from there work in ever widening circles of subtle energetics and sensitivities to our own internal states and the space around us.

This workshop is open to people of any experience/age/fitness level. The only requirements for participation are curiosity, an agreement to be respectful of the Woods, and the willingness to get down onto the ground and hence possibly a bit dirty.

Dana and Macarena met in Japan about 20 years ago while working with dancer and farmer Min Tanaka. The friendship and investigations that began in the tea and vegetable fields there continue to grow and develop.

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October 23-27, 2019
The Albany Bulb, Bay Area, California
Taught with Shinichi Iova-Koga

Stay tuned for details! Go here for more information about Dance on Land.​