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Dana Iova-Koga (aka Dana Iovacchini) began dancing at the age of 4. Her first performing role was a dancing cloud. Almost 40 years later she is still enjoying the attempt to find the clouds inside her body. She received her BFA in Experimental Theater from New York University in 1998. Along with the love of movement that has been with Dana since birth is a love of the wilderness. And parallel to her study of dance has been the study of how to be informed by the elements, and how to feel the body in relation to its environment. She has spent many years of her adult life living closely with nature- working on farms and in the countryside. The seminal event which entwined these two interests was the time Dana spent in Japan with Min Tanaka. For several years she farmed green tea and vegetables and danced in dozens of productions under his direction. (For more information about Body Weather which was pioneered by Tanaka and his Maijuku company members please visit the Sources page.)

Since 2006, Dana has been a primary member of inkBoat, a physical theater and dance company founded by her husband Shinichi. For over ten years Shinichi and Dana have co-taught “Dance on Land” in the remote countryside of Petrolia, California. She has been studying Qi Gong since 2014 and is a certified Holden Qi Gong teacher. She is the mother of two incredible children, the partner of a beautiful artist, the daughter of wonderful parents, and the lucky student of so many gifted teachers including:

Wendel Beavers, Susan Bonawitz-Collard, Maureen Flemming, Anna Halprin, Jonathan Hart, Lee Holden, Damo Mitchell, Bob Moyers, Mari Osanai, Mary Overlie, Annie B Parson, Rosemary Quinn, Tamar Rogoff, Ellen Stewart, Min Tanaka, Steve Wangh, and David Wei.